Thai woman shot with crossbow after saving neighbour from rape attempt

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A Thai woman is seeking help and justice after a man shot her with a crossbow for saving her neighbour from his rape attempt in the central province of Sing Buri.

The shooting victim, Nittaya Thongpradit, travelled from Sing Buri to Bangkok yesterday, January 4, to seek assistance from the non-profit organisation Saimai Survive after the Kai Bangrachan Police Station delayed the case and left her living in fear.

The 43 year old woman explained that she received a phone call from a female neighbour on December 1 at about 2am that a man broke into her house and tried to rape her. She rushed to the neighbour’s home and managed to save her. Before the man fled, she recognized him as a local who lived nearby.

Two weeks elapsed, and on December 15, the suspect lurked outside Nittaya’s residence, challenging her to step out and confront him. Upon her refusal, the man forcibly broke down her front door and immediately assaulted her with a punch to the face and then shot her with a crossbow, with one arrow striking her forehead and another her cheek.

Despite preparing for another shot, the assailant was thwarted by Nittaya’s son, who intervened in the nick of time. As he departed, the man ominously warned, “You will see me again soon.”

Nittaya promptly reported the harrowing incident to the Kai Bangrachan Police Station and remained vigilant, concerned that the assailant, seemingly leading a normal life, posed an ongoing threat to her and potential future victims. Assurances from the police regarding an imminent arrest warrant failed to materialize, leaving Nittaya waiting anxiously until January 1.

“Me and my children are living in fear. We panicked because the police did nothing for us. He (the suspect) even told me he’d come back to hurt me again.”

Saimai Survive founder Ekkaphop Lueangprasert accompanied Nittaya to the Justice Ministry yesterday to file a complaint against the attacker and demand an investigation into the delay by Kai Bangrachan Police Station officers. PPTV HD reported that they tried to contact the police station for an interview, but officers did not answer the call.

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