Thai Airways tests sustainable aviation fuel on Phuket-Bangkok flight

Photo courtesy of Bangkok Post

Thai Airways International and PTT Oil and Retail Business PLC piloted a flight employing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from Phuket to Bangkok yesterday, December 13.

The initiative, which signals a significant stride towards an environmentally friendly aviation industry, was revealed during a media briefing at Phuket International Airport.

Disathat Panyarachun, the head of PTT Oil and Retail Business PLC, explained that the SAF was produced from used cooking oil (UCO), bearing a similar chemical structure to traditional Jet A-1 aviation fuel. According to the International Air Transport Association (IATA), SAF is the term used by the aviation industry to represent a non-conventional or non-fossil-derived aviation fuel.

The properties of SAF closely mirror those of conventional jet fuel, allowing it to be safely blended with the latter in varying ratios. The use of SAF doesn’t necessitate any adaptations to the aircraft or engines. Relative to fossil fuels, the utilisation of sustainably produced, unconventional jet fuel leads to a decrease in carbon dioxide emissions throughout its lifespan, reported Bangkok Post.

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The pilot flight also included collaboration from Neste, a Finland-based sustainable fuel production company, PTT International Trading Pte Ltd, and Petco Trading Labuan Company Limited, a retailer based in Malaysia responsible for transferring the fuel to Phuket.

In related news, Thai Airways International is on the verge of sealing a blockbuster deal with Boeing for a fleet expansion, leaving Airbus in the dust. The stakes are sky-high in this multi-billion dollar saga, with insider sources revealing the ins and outs of this high-flying negotiation. Read more about this story HERE.

In other news, the Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand convened with Thai Airways on December 8 following a passenger’s complaint that surfaced on social media. The disgruntled passenger had purchased a business-class ticket but was seated in the economy class. Read more about this story HERE.

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