Discount disaster: Chinese woman’s haircut horror in Hunan

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An 18 year old Chinese woman suffered a shocking haircut experience after purchasing a special discount coupon for a beauty salon in Yongxing, Chenjow, Hunan, China. The Chinese woman, known as Tao, reportedly paid 330 baht for the wash, cut, and dry service.

Upon entering the salon on the afternoon of November 1, Tao started to suspect something was wrong halfway through her haircut. The long locks she had, transformed into a helmet-like cut, led her to burst into tears in the salon.

The distraught Tao expressed difficulty accepting her new haircut, saying she cried for about an hour and a half. The hairdresser offered to add hair extensions, and her girlfriend tried to console Tao, saying her hair would grow back. However, Tao rejected their consolations and argued that the ruined hair was not theirs.

Tao’s friend arrived at the salon but negotiations did not lead to a satisfactory result. She perceived the salon staff’s attitude as poor, and they did not offer an apology. Instead, the hairdresser claimed that there was nothing wrong with the haircut and Tao just didn’t like it.

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This made Tao even more furious. She immediately made a complaint to an emergency hotline. Despite going to the police the next day, she was unable to take legal action. Presently, Tao can do nothing but wear a hat to hide her hair.

“What I demand is an apology and compensation. They cut my hair like this without saying an apology.”

Poor communication

The hairdresser, referred to as Tang, argued that poor communication was the main cause of the issue. He stated that the client had shown him a picture as a reference, to which he responded that the haircut might not suit her. He suggested a slightly shorter style that would look good after makeup. However, once half the cut was done, the client started crying, reported Sanook.

Tang added that he had offered to extend the client’s hair and would cover the costs of approximately 2,000 yuan (9,900 baht). However, due to a lack of stock, the procedure would take at least two days. The client did not return after that day.

The incident, after being shared online, has sparked criticism. Many netizens sided with Tao, noting a stark difference between the haircut she wanted and what she got. Some suggested she should have called the police to the salon immediately.

Others joked that if they were in her position, they would have collapsed crying on the salon floor.

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