Teenage girl files complaint against her drug-addled mother after she abused her 4 year old brother

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A teenage Thai girl filed a complaint against her drug-addled, gambling-addicted mother who physically abused her four year old brother.

The 17 year old girl, Sirirat, captured videos of her mother, Rattiya, taking drugs with her boyfriend and violently assaulting her younger sibling. She handed over the videos to the community leader, Malee Kanyo, who then reported the matter to Sai Noi Police Station.

During her conversation with Malee, Sirirat revealed that the four year old brother is her mother’s youngest son, and she is the eldest among five siblings. Each child has a different father, and while some of them live with relatives for a better life, the youngest one resides with their mother, Rattiya. Sirirat shared her desire for the boy to live with her and attend school, but her mother opposes the idea.

On the day of the distressing incident involving drugs and violence, Sirirat visited her brother and witnessed the horrific abuse he endured. She swiftly intervened to protect him but her mother demanded she left. Determined to seek justice, Sirirat recorded the abuse to provide evidence for her complaint to the police.

Officers arrived at the house the following day but Rattiya had already fled with her son. Fortunately, the police managed to apprehend Rattiya on the same day at her friend’s residence in the Tha Wee Wattana district of Bangkok.

The four year old boy received a thorough health check at a hospital, and thankfully, no visible injuries were found on his body. He is now under the care of the Nonthaburi Provincial Social Development and Human Security Office. To ensure his well-being, a psychologist will work with the child, not only to gather information about the abuse but also to provide essential mental health support and treatment.

The superintendent of Sai Noi Police Station, Matesanon Nakwan, reported that the case has been divided into two parts: physical abuse against the child and drug-related aspects. Regarding the child abuse case, the officers will await the comprehensive health check results and insights from the psychologist before proceeding further.

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