Truck driver awakens to stolen coffee cargo: 120 boxes missing

Photo by KhaoSod.

Last night, a 37 year old truck driver from Buriram province was stunned when he woke up to find part of his truckload of coffee missing. Having left the Nong Khae Industrial Estate in Saraburi province to deliver the popular brand of coffee to Khon Kaen province, Thien had parked by Mitraphap Road in Pak Chong, Nakhon Ratchasima, due to exhaustion.

The driver, Thien Saman, stated that he embarked on his delivery journey with a truckload of famous coffee products, sourced from Nong Khae Industrial Estate in Saraburi province, intending to deliver them to Khon Kaen province. As he approached the Mueang Ma Mile 39-40 on Mitraphap Road, in the Phaya Yen sub-district of Pak Chong district in Nakhon Ratchasima province, he felt tiredness take over, compelling him to pull over and rest by the roadside starting at 11.50pm until 4am.

Upon waking up, he was shocked to find the tarp at the back of his truck had been slashed with a sharp object. A further examination revealed that around 120 boxes of coffee were missing from the vehicle, KhaoSod reported. Thien added that it was typically safe for him to rest alongside Kam Thale So sub-district, Nakhon Ratchasima province, but due to being late this time, he decided to park in what seemed like a safe spot, thanks to the surrounding street lights.

Officer Awaychai Promwong, an investigator at Klang Dong police station, confirmed that through analysing CCTV footage from Mitraphap Road’s Dashboard Camera Page, a bronze four-door pickup truck was spotted parking behind the idle truck, loading the stolen goods, and then fleeing the scene in the middle of the night. Officer Promwong forwarded this video clip to the investigative police team to track down the thieves and proceed with legal actions.

From this unfortunate incident, a warning was issued on the dangers of roadside overnight stopping for community drivers. Not only is it a risk for road accidents, but it’s also a threat to personal property and the items inside the vehicle. Therefore, people are advised to look for safer parking spots, preferably closer to police stations.

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