Survivor of Israel terror attack returns to Thailand, plans to rest and recover from trauma

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Kittiphong Chaiko, a Thai worker from Nong Bua Lamphu who survived a terrorist attack by the political extremist group Hamas in Israel, returned to his home in Thailand, emotionally distressed and shocked by the loss of his colleagues. He arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport at 12.20pm today, with no plans to return to Israel.

Upon arrival, Kittiphong respectfully greeted his father, who performed a traditional ritual of tying a string around his wrist to call back his spirit. This ancient tradition is believed to protect those who have experienced trauma. Kittiphong expressed his relief at being back in Thailand, admitting that he believed he would never return. His workplace in Israel was destroyed, and he is currently not mentally prepared to discuss the traumatic event or make any future plans.

He noted that two to three of his colleagues were killed in the attack. Another Thai worker in Israel, known only as Ball, stated that he had only been working there for five months of a five-year and three-month contract when the incident occurred. The danger forced Ball to evacuate, unsure if he would survive, as violent groups surrounded the area.

“From now, I will return home to rest and clear my mind. I am under a lot of stress from the incident and financial issues. My wife gave me the last of our savings to buy a plane ticket because she was worried and didn’t want me to stay there.”

Another worker stated that his employer provided his flight ticket as his contract had ended.

As soon as they arrived in Thailand, they planned to return to their families immediately. Their traumatic experiences underscore the dangers that overseas workers can face, highlighting the need for support and protection.

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