Surat Thani ex-engineer wins 30 million baht lottery

A former municipal engineering director from Surat Thani province hit the jackpot, winning a staggering 30 million baht in the national lottery. The 61 year old, who has been living and working in Nonthaburi province since 1978, walked into a local police station today, April 2, with his family to officially record their life-changing win.

Polkrit, the lucky winner, alongside his 41 year old wife, Jitchanamonand their two daughters, presented the winning tickets to the authorities at Pak Kret Police Station. The family bought the winning set of five tickets, with the number 803481, for the April 1 lottery draw, and could barely believe their fortune when they discovered their windfall.

The serendipitous moment occurred while the family was shopping at a mall in Pak Kret. Polkrit, who infrequently purchases lottery tickets due to past disappointments, noticed his sought-after number on a ticket a vendor was sewing into a display. Trusting his instinct, he bought the tickets on the spot. The winning number, coincidentally, matched his house number, a detail that played a role in his rare decision to buy a ticket that day.

Polkrit disclosed that he never expected to win, especially not the top prize, given the slim odds. The win came as a complete surprise to the family, who up until now had only watched others celebrate such good fortune in the news. He expressed immense joy, albeit with a sense of disbelief, and shared plans to distribute some of the winnings among family members and to charitable causes, as a gesture of gratitude for their unexpected luck.

The former director, who has been retired for just over a year, now spends his days taking his children to school. His wife is still in government service, and together they own a few plantations back in Surat Thani. Polkrit humorously remarked that before the win, he owned a yellow Fortuner and had casually mentioned that if he ever won the top lottery prize, he would buy a smaller car of the same colour to keep it company, reported KhaoSod.

This incredible stroke of luck has turned an ordinary family outing into a life-changing event, and the story of Pongkrit’s windfall is sure to inspire many others to dream of what might be possible with just a bit of luck and the right lottery ticket.

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