Brewing trouble: Khon Kaen coffee shop brews up plea for sugar price control

Photo: KhaoSod.

A renowned coffee shop in Khon Kaen called on the government to regulate sugar prices. Having been in business for over two decades, the shop is now grappling with the highest sugar prices it has ever encountered. This has led to serious concerns about the survival of the establishment.

Yesterday at 1pm, a reporter visited several beverage vendors in the area, including tea, coffee, and sweet drink sellers, following the price increase of sugar by 4 baht per kilogramme. The hike in sugar prices has impacted many vendors, particularly the famous Gra Ta coffee shop located next to the Government Savings Bank in the Salalang province of Khon Kaen.

Having run the business for over 20 years, the owner of Gra Ta, 55 year old Suneevorn Pojan has never witnessed such a surge in sugar prices. The 4 baht increase per kilogramme has severely impacted her business, as the prices of other essential ingredients like condensed milk, fresh milk, coffee, and even straws have simultaneously escalated.

The continuous price hike makes it difficult for her to sustain her business.

Over the years, the cost of raw materials has only risen without any decrease, causing a steady increase in overall costs, explained Suneevorn.

“The highest sugar price this year has been 25 baht, which has now reached 28 baht. This is the highest price since I started my business.”

Financial strain

Her shop utilises around 25 kilogrammes of sugar every day, given that it is a primary ingredient that cannot be compromised upon, as reducing sugar would compromise the aroma of the beverages, reported KhaoSod.

She admitted that under the current economic situation, it’s not feasible for the shop to increase prices as people are already under financial strain.

“We have to bear the higher costs and settle for lesser profits in order to keep our customers satisfied. Some of our customers who used to buy two cups a day have now reduced to one cup in order to save on expenses.”

Suneevorn further stated that both vendors and customers are forced to bear the increasing sugar prices, resulting in dwindling profits. However, she is determined to continue providing satisfying and tasty beverages to her customers.

Suneevorn urges the government to look into the escalating sugar prices and prevent them from rising further.

“Every day is already a struggle to make ends meet and the increasing prices make it even harder. I hope the government takes immediate action to support the livelihoods of people like us.”

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