Spray guns ineffective and dangerous, says TFDA

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Thailand’s FDA is cautioning the public against using alcohol spray guns, stating the tiny droplets the gun emits are ineffective against disinfecting surfaces, also, the spraying might cause pathogens to spread faster.

Instead, the TFDA is saying to use alcohol gel to wipe down surfaces, rather than spray guns.

The Deputy Secretary General of the TFDA, Dr Supatra Boonserm says the spray guns are in high demand right now, as Covid cases continue to mount.

Dr Supatra says if the alcohol droplets penetrate someone’s eyes or nose, there can be eye irritation, dizziness, nausea and breathing issues. Also, they are extremely dangerous for young children. However, the device’s limitations/hazards don’t stop there. The Deputy Secretary adds that UV rays from the gun can lead to people developing skin cancer if the spray gun is used directly on the skin. And the guns are a poor way to kill germs and, if it wasn’t clear, are a threat to people’s health.

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Dr Supatra says people should stick with disinfectants that have already gotten TFDA’s approval. Or to just wipe down surfaces.

Recently, Thailand’s Food and Drug Administration also warned people against buying South Korean home test kits for Covid. They also did not give their approval for Russia’s Sputnik V vaccine. They cited missing data

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