FDA says don’t buy South Korean Covid home test kits

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Thailand’s FDA is cautioning people against ordering the South Korean manufactured Covid home test kits sold online. The FDA says they have not approved them, yet.

The seller, who is offering the Covid tests on their Facebook, says their kits have already been approved in South Korea. And by the World Health Organization! Also, the test kits can tell the curious testee in 15 minutes if they have Covid, allegedly.

However, today, Thailand’s FDA says their officials have performed an investigation on the test kits and determined the seller’s claims are fallacious. Further, the South Korean test kits have yet to be registered with them, the FDA.

They further urge people who wish to purchase home test kits to check first with Thailand’s Medical Devices Control Division website. There, the list of approved antigen tests is provided. They also say to get medical advice from health officials about the correct way to administer the test kits.

4 Antigen test kits have Thailand’s FDA’s approval. They can be bought at public hospitals, clinics, and pharmacies. These institutions will be able to provide correct information to consumers on how to use and get rid of the test kits.

If the public feels like skipping the whole consulting an expert route, the test kits also come with written instructions. In Thai.

Recently, it was announced that rapid antigen tests would be available this week.


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