Songkhla man arrested for multiple sexual offenses against teen

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The arrest of a 43 year old man, Sativat, on charges of multiple sexual offenses in Songkhla province has triggered a meticulous police operation led by the Commander of the Anti-Human Trafficking Division. The suspect, identified as the father of the victim’s friends, is accused of committing heinous acts against a 17 year old girl, including rape and molestation.

Yesterday, in a decisive act of justice, law enforcement officers executed an arrest warrant issued by the Songkhla Provincial Court for the suspect. The warrant outlined grave allegations of rape, molestation, and sexual assault against a person over 15 years old by force and against a person incapable of resistance, as well as the abduction of a minor aged between 15 and 18 for lewd acts.

The events that led to the arrest unfolded as a 17 year old girl, along with two friends, went for a leisurely walk by the sea before deciding to stay overnight at her friends’ house in a community within the Bo Yang subdistrict of Mueang Songkhla district. Upon arriving at the house, they encountered Sativat, who was the father of the victim’s two friends.

The three girls shared a room for the night, during which the alleged sexual assaults occurred multiple times. The following day, the young girl confided in her guardians, who promptly reported the incident to the Mueang Songkhla police station.

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The police gathered evidence, which subsequently led to the issuance of an arrest warrant. They continued their investigation until they located the suspect within the Mueang district of Songkhla, reported Sanook.

Upon verification that Sativat matched the physical description in the warrant, officers approached and apprehended him. He was informed of the charges against him before being taken into custody by the Mueang Songkhla police for further legal proceedings. During the initial questioning, Sativat denied all allegations.

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