Six month old Thai baby’s foot swollen due to tight pulse band

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A six month old baby was hospitalised with severe bruising on his foot after a Thai hospital used an elastic band to measure his pulse, resulting in swelling and discolouration.

The incident came to light today when the baby’s 37 year old mother shared images of the injuries on social media, sparking widespread concern and prompting calls for better child care in hospitals.

Images of a baby’s foot bound too tightly by an elastic band in a hospital setting have caused public uproar and prompted an appeal for more compassionate pediatric care. A mother’s plea, after discovering her six month old son’s foot swollen and discoloured from a pulse oximeter band, has resonated with many, leading to intense scrutiny over the hospital staff’s treatment of the youngest of patients.

The initial post, made on a community Facebook page, included a photo showing the infant’s foot with deep, dark marks left by the elastic band used to secure a pulse oximeter, a device essential for monitoring the baby’s oxygen levels. The mother’s message was a desperate one: staff training and accountability must be improved to prevent such distressing mistakes.

The baby, who has a history of heart complications, had been admitted to the hospital for respiratory distress and was in the intensive care unit for three months before the incident. During a visit, the baby’s aunt noticed the crying child’s foot was alarmingly swollen.

Upon closer inspection, she discovered the cause: the elastic band. Despite her request for the band to be loosened, the nurse insisted it was necessary for maintaining the pulse measurement.

The hospital staff’s response was seen by the family as inadequate, leading to a social media outcry. The community’s reaction was swift and empathetic, with many expressing sorrow for the infant’s unnecessary suffering and others criticising the hospital for the oversight.

Following the incident, the mother demanded better care for her child, suggesting the possibility of transferring him to a more equipped facility, reported KhaoSod.

The wait for a hospital bed continues, and in the meantime, the family hopes that the staff will take greater care in their treatment of the vulnerable baby who, unable to articulate his pain, depends entirely on their vigilance and kindness.

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