Bangkok taxi driver aids drunk motorist with damaged car

Image courtesy of tum.step.thep on TikTok

A recent incident involving a drunk driver whose vehicle sustained severe damage, including a missing tyre, has become a stark reminder of the dangers of driving under the influence.

The event unfolded late at night on a busy Bangkok street and was captured on video by a local taxi driver who intervened to prevent further mishaps.

The taxi driver, Phasda Phutabanak, was on his way to grab a bite after work when he noticed a vehicle with a sparking wheel rim due to the missing tyre.

Approaching the scene, he found the driver, an intoxicated man, seemingly unaware of the extent of the damage caused by his reckless driving. The man had continued driving without a tyre, causing a distinct burnt smell and potential fire hazard.

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Phasda, despite feeling unwell, felt compelled to act. A passerby on a motorcycle urged him to assist, but he hesitated, concerned for his safety and the possibility that the man might be involved in other incidents.

However, the sense of responsibility overcame his trepidation, and he approached the driver to assess the situation.

Dangerous liaison

The driver, visibly drunk, had his window down and readily complied when suggested to park his vehicle at a nearby petrol station. He attempted to refuel, not realising the danger he posed but Phasda quickly intervened, fearing the worst.

The driver mistook him for a petrol station attendant and even offered money, which Phasda declined, explaining he was there to help.

Phasda tried to get the driver to contact his relatives, but the man had lost his phone, and attempts to reach them using another phone were unsuccessful due to the late hour.

Consequently, Phasda contacted the emergency services and the police (by dialling 191), who took control of the situation, ensuring the man’s safety and addressing the issue of damages caused by his actions.

Upon questioning, the driver admitted to not remembering what he had collided with, adding that he hit a glass object. He also intended to inflate his tyre, not realizing that it was completely torn off.

Phasda’s quick thinking potentially saved not only the life of the driver but also prevented further accidents that night, as the area was well-travelled.

Innocent lives

The taxi driver’s experience is not uncommon in his line of work, but he insists that each situation must be assessed before intervening. He expressed that ignoring the incident could have led to innocent lives being harmed, something he could not bear.

He shared the footage online, not for notoriety but as a cautionary tale to discourage drunk driving.

The video, posted with a message emphasizing the unpredictability of daily life and the importance of responsible decision-making, serves as a powerful example of the consequences of drunk driving and the impact of community intervention, as reported by Khaosod.

It’s a stark warning: when under the influence, do not drive.

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