• Thailand News

    Should you name your baby Hitler? Nazi? The N-word?

    Naming a child is an important decision that parents-to-be spend days or weeks pouring over. But a trend in Thailand is drawing harsh condemnation and has critics imploring Thai people to reconsider the names they choose for their offspring. The contentious trend of giving children names like Nong Hitler, Nong Nazi, and Nong Ni**a, ignited an intense debate. The crazy…

  • China News

    Hospitalised Chinese boy gives up bed to resting parents, causing social media outrage

    A gripping story has emerged on social media in China, as a picture of a young ill boy in the hospital went viral. Photographs strikingly capture the child sitting alone on a chair after giving up his bed to his parents who are seen lying huddled together. The act, apparently done in exchange for permission to use his mobile phone,…