Eeling lucky: Sausage seller reels in twin albino eels, locals hooked on fortune

PHOTO: Sanook

Two albino eels caught within two days by a sausage seller have captured the attention of residents, who believe the eels are bringing good fortune. The fortunate fisherman also found lottery success in the last draw.

At 1pm yesterday, reporters were informed that 42 year old Boonmee Marman, a sausage seller living in the Mueang district of Loei province, discovered an albino eel while fishing in a rice field close to Mahathai School.

Boonmee decided to keep the eel as a lucky charm. Today, the lucky fisherman returned to the same spot and caught another albino eel, bringing his total to two. The local townspeople were alerted to the catch and began praying for the winning lottery numbers, Sanook reported.

Boonmee recounted his story, explaining that on Monday, June 12, he went fishing in a rice field around Mahathai School when he unexpectedly encountered an albino eel over one foot long.

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The eel didn’t seem to resist or attempt to flee, so Boonmee quickly captured it and took it home to keep in his aquarium. The following day, he went back to the same spot and found another albino eel, although shorter than the first one.

Boonmee decided to raise the two eels at home and attributed his recent luck to the albino creatures. He found it particularly puzzling that many others also fished in the same area without catching any eels, only he had such luck.

This strong belief in the eels’ ability to bless him with luck extends to his recent lottery success, having won by matching three numbers. As word spread, locals began visiting and offering candles as a form of good luck, hoping for a lucky number 96.

This morning, reporters were informed that an albino bullfrog with number marks was found in Prachin Buri. Read more about the story HERE.

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