Saudi Arabian man reunites with Thai nanny after 20 years (video)

Photo via Channel 3

A 33 year old Saudi Arabian man reunited with his former Thai babysitter after searching for her for over 20 years. He wished to express gratitude for her care during his childhood.

Several Thai media outlets shared the story of the 33 year old Saudi Arabian man, Ali Bokhari, and his Thai babysitter, 77 year old Banyen Thongchaitanawut, after they reunited on May 1 at Banyen’s home in the Isaan province of Nakhon Ratchasima.

The video of the moment when they met each other was shared on social media. They were seen hugging each other and crying.

During the interview with ThaiRath, Banyen revealed that she worked as a maid and babysitter in Saudi Arabia in 1992, caring for Ali and his siblings from birth. She returned to Thailand after her son was seriously injured in a car accident. Ali was 14 years old at the time.

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Ali’s father gave Banyen a mobile phone and SIM card to stay in touch. Despite never returning to Saudi Arabia or contacting Ali’s family, she kept the SIM card. Banyen was surprised when a Pattaya hotel manager called, informing her that Ali was coming to visit.

Ali told Channel 3 reporters that he was coming to Thailand to find his mother.

“So, I came to Thailand to find my mom. She raised me from day one on earth in Saudi Arabia. I found her after I came to the hotel in Pattaya. A hotel manager, Nicky, helped me find my mom. And I’m here. I found her. ”

Banyen expressed how much she missed Ali and was happy to cook for him as she did when he was young. They communicated primarily in Arabic, a language Ali understands despite primarily speaking English now.

Banyen revealed that Ali bought her an electric motorcycle to ease her walking difficulties and promised to cover her medical expenses. He also vowed to visit her in Thailand every year. She was deeply touched that Ali remembered her despite their different nationalities and backgrounds.

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