Udon Thani land dispute ends in brother fatally shooting sibling

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A family dispute in Udon Thani this morning ended tragically, resulting in a 62 year old man being fatally shot by his brother, who then calmly waited for the police with a bottle of alcohol.

The tranquillity of a small village in Udon Thani was shattered when a 62 year old man was shot dead by his younger brother over a land dispute.

The incident unfolded at their mother’s house where the victim, identified only as Kesar, was shot in the chest in front of their 98 year old mother, Pa. The alleged gunman, 55 year old Nu Chon did not flee the scene. Instead, he sat in front of his house, drinking alcohol and waiting for the police to arrive.

The distressing event took place around 6.30am in the Ban Lao district. Deputy Inspector Podee Chaiyakham of the Phen Police Station was promptly informed and arrived on the scene with forensic officers and emergency services.

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Upon arriving, authorities found Kesar’s lifeless body in the concrete yard of his mother’s house. The emotional impact on Pa was evident as she sat near her son’s body, weeping inconsolably.

Nu Chon, in stark contrast, appeared unaffected by his actions as he openly admitted to the shooting, telling onlookers to call the police and that he had killed his brother out of resentment over the potential sale of land bequeathed to them by their mother.

Fuelled by alcohol

The scene was also marked by a large bottle of 40% white liquor, which Nu Chon had been drinking, both before and after the shooting.

According to Pa, the victim had been tending to her, grilling chicken and feeding her, moments before Nu Chon dragged out a shotgun and shot him.

The motive, as revealed by the heartbroken mother, stemmed from a misunderstanding; Kesar had only jokingly mentioned selling the land, with no actual intention to do so.

Nu Chon’s 56 year old wife, Sumalee, revealed that both men had a history of disputes, including a past altercation where Kesar had put sugar cane juice in a tractor’s fuel tank. Despite this, she claims that they were generally good people.

The drinking, however, seemed to bring out the worst in Nu Chon, who harboured resentment towards his brother over these past conflicts.

The local headman, Bunsri Chatchom, who was among the first at the scene, recounted the shock of hearing the gunshot and discovering the grim scene. He emphasised that such violence was unprecedented in the village and expressed deep sorrow for the family’s loss, reported Khaosod.

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