Songkran: Lost young girl reunited with family

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A four year old girl found herself lost amidst the lively Songkran celebrations in Na Kluea on Thursday. Thanks to the swift and compassionate action of Pattaya police and local volunteers, she was safely reunited with her family.

The bustling festivities around the Pattaya-Na Kluea Road proved to be too much for the young girl, who lost sight of her family amidst the merriment. But the Thappraya 2310 team, a group of volunteer staff engaged in ensuring the festival’s smooth running, came to the rescue. They discovered the girl, Nong A, and promptly brought her to the Bang Lamung Police Station, where they hoped to locate her parents.

At the police station, the investigation officer, Police Lieutenant Colonel Wuthipong Kasa, took charge of the situation. Demonstrating resourcefulness and a keen sense of duty, Wuthipong identified the contact details of Nong A’s parents and swiftly reached out to them over the phone.

Upon receiving the call from the police, the girl’s 28 year old mother Ploy and other family members immediately rushed to the station, reported Pattaya News.

The sight of her mother brought an immediate end to Nong A’s ordeal. She dashed into her mother’s arms, a vivid image of relief and happiness.

The family, overcome with relief, expressed their gratitude towards the police and the volunteers.

In related news, in a heart-stopping moment captured on CCTV, a three year old Thai girl found herself dangling from a Ferris wheel gondola after a daring grab for a metal bar sent her on a terrifying ride at Liab Duan Market in Bangkok. With astonishing strength, the young girl clung on for dear life as the wheel ascended, eventually dropping a stomach-churning 25 feet to the ground below.

In other news, a couple in Phichit province is under investigation following severe injuries sustained by a four year old girl in their care. Authorities are gathering DNA evidence from the couple’s home to strengthen their case.

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