Rayong police investigate Facebook gold scam

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Victims of a fraudulent gold instalment scheme reported their case to the police, claiming to have been deceived by a scammer posing as a renowned gold shop in Rayong.

Police Lieutenant Anuphong Phuangpee from the Klaeng District Police Station in Rayong Province received complaints from three victims, including 46 year old Suladda, Pornpawee, and Sasithorn. They were duped into making payments for gold through Facebook but never received the items as advertised.

Suladda recounted that she saw a Facebook post from a user named Nanthaporn Thamthaworn offering gold on an installment plan. The post advertised a 1-baht weight gold necklace with a down payment of 4,900 baht, followed by 10 instalments.

After making the down payment, victims were promised immediate delivery of the gold necklace. Trusting the advertisement, Suladda signed a contract and provided copies of her identification and house registration documents. She transferred the initial 4,900 baht to Nanthaporn Thamthaworn’s account at Krung Thai Bank.

When the gold did not arrive after several days, Suladda contacted the seller, only to be told that the shop had not yet sent the gold. After repeatedly inquiring and receiving no satisfactory response, the person at the other end of the line dared her to file a police report.

The realisation that they had been swindled dawned on the victims when the actual gold shop announced on its page that someone was falsely using its name to deceive people. The shop clarified it offered no such installment plans for gold. With this knowledge, the victims attempted to make contact again, but to no avail. They then decided to file a report, along with two other victims who had been similarly misled, reported KhaoSod.

The police are now coordinating with the bank to trace the account into which the victims deposited their money to identify and prosecute the individual responsible for the fraudulent scheme.

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