Explorers ‘rattled’ with excitement as rare Blue-tailed Cave Racer snakes spotted mating in Krabi

Picture courtesy of Sanook.

Endangered Blue-tailed Cave Racer snakes have been spotted mating in a cave in Krabi province, stirring excitement among cave explorers and prompting calls for conservation.

Manasathit, also known as Guide Nong, a 40 year old member of the Krabi Cave Lovers Club, led a group of national and international fossil experts on a cave expedition in the Ao Luek district. There, they discovered two Blue-tailed Cave Racer snakes in the act of mating inside a cave hole.

These snakes are considered a rare protected species listed in the CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species). Having the chance to witness them is a rare and fortunate event, as these creatures are difficult to find and only inhabit large caves. The sighting sparked great excitement among the explorers.

Blue-tailed Cave Racer snakes are legendary among southern locals who believe they guard treasures. This is because these snakes live in deep caves and feed exclusively on large bats. If a cave doesn’t house bats, it’s unlikely to find this snake species residing there, reported Sanook.

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The unique behaviour and habitat of these snakes, combined with their endangered status, have led to an increased interest in their conservation. The discovery of these mating snakes in the wild is a positive sign for their population, but it also underscores the urgent need for their protection and conservation, said Manasathit.

“The sighting of the Blue-tailed Cave Racer snakes in their natural habitat is an extremely rare and fortunate event.

“These snakes are difficult to find and only inhabit large caves. Their discovery has sparked a great deal of excitement among the explorers.”

Three weeks ago, a rare blue snake, also known as a Tiffany Blue snake, was discovered by a 62 year old Thai woman in her backyard in Photharam, causing “hiss-teria” among her local community. To read more click HERE

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