100 year old Buddha statue unearthed from mango tree in Chon Buri

Photo: KhaoSod.

In a surprise discovery, a Buddha statue believed to be over 100 years old was unearthed from a mango tree at a renowned temple in Chon Buri. This finding came about during the temple’s preparation for the Kathina ceremony scheduled for November 5 when the temple monks were asked by the abbot to cut down the mango tree.

In the process of cutting down the approximately 80 centimetres wide and 10 metre tall mango tree, the tree fell, and as it was being sawed into pieces, the workmen discovered a green Buddha statue nestled within the trunk. The smiling statue was promptly removed and is now being venerated at the temple.

This morning, October 25, reporters visited the temple, Wat Nong Sang Prachabamrung, located in Phanat Nikhom district, Chon Buri. Inside the temple, a variety of trees were seen, and the site where the mango tree once stood was pointed out. The tree stump and the traces of the cut were all that remained.

Upon enquiry, a monk from the temple, Kitisak Thalo, recounted the events of yesterday. The temple’s abbot had hired a tree surgeon from outside to cut the tree as he needed the wood.

When the mango tree was finally felled and the trunk was split open, they discovered the Buddha statue inside. The statue, made of jadeite, had a cheerful smile, but its body had been cut by the saw.

100 year old Buddha statue unearthed from mango tree in Chon Buri | News by Thaiger
The cutting down of the mango tree eventually led to the discovery of a 100 year old Buddha statue. Photo by KhaoSod.

Kitisak Thalo continued, estimating the Buddha statue to be over 100 years old due to its ancient appearance. However, the origins of the statue and how it ended up inside the trunk remain a mystery.

Currently, the third-generation abbot is in charge, but he also does not know the statue’s history.

The statue is now stored in the abbot’s room, and it remains uncertain whether it will be restored for public worship. The abbot has taken the monks to study Dharma at other temples, reported KhaoSod.

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