Puffball mushroom prices plummet to 30 baht as season ends

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As the mushroom season approaches its end, the price of puffball mushrooms (Barometer Earthstar) has dropped drastically to as low as 30 baht per litre, with only the older variants featuring black interiors remaining available.

Reports today confirm the winding down of the 2024 puffball mushroom season. These sought-after mushrooms, prized for their soft, white interiors and sweet, fragrant taste, were previously fetching prices as high as 350 baht per litre or 600 baht per kilogramme.

In various provinces, the abundant rainfall created favourable conditions for the growth of the fungi. This abundance provided a significant source of income for local villagers, with traders purchasing the mushrooms to sell online and deliver directly to consumers.

However, as the season progressed, the price of puffball mushrooms dropped sharply to around 80 baht per litre. One contributing factor to the decline in price was due to its influx from neighbouring areas into Thailand.

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The puffball market has slowed considerably as the season winds down. The once soft and sweet mushrooms have turned into older mushrooms with black interiors that are chewy and less flavourful. Consequently, the price has plummeted to 30 to 40 baht per litre, leading wholesale traders to cease their purchases.

At the Thung Fa Bod Saturday market in San Pa Tong District, Chiang Mai, villagers had previously flocked to buy the mushrooms. Vendors advertised prices at 70 baht per litre, and buyers selectively chose only the younger, thin-skinned variants. Some of the puffballs were so delicate that they broke when squeezed, despite vendors urging customers not to handle them roughly.

Currently, thick-skinned puffballs from Mae Taeng District in Chiang Mai are still available due to recent rainfall. These mushrooms are priced at up to 120 baht per litre or 230 baht per kilogramme.

However, the quality is mixed, with only 40% being young mushrooms and 60% being older, less desirable ones. reported KhaoSod.

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