Cave of Titans unearthed: Phayao locals make bone-chilling find

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Locals in the Dok Kham Tai district of the northern province of Phayao discovered the Cave of Titans, where they believe a titan couple once lived, after discovering a rock filled with white bones inside.

Although the exact date of the cave’s discovery remains unknown, multiple news agencies have recently reported the finding. Situated approximately 5 kilometres from the residential area, reaching the cave entails a trek through rice fields and forests up a mountain.

The cave’s entrance is about 10 metres wide while the inside is about 4 metres wide. A shelf with Buddha statues is located at the entrance, along with a wooden bench.

A limestone rock, 2 metres high and 1.5 metres wide, filled with many white bones, suspected to be animal bones, was found inside the cave.

Community Head Boonchu Yot-in told ThaiRath that the bones are believed to be over 1,000 years old. Locals believe that the mountain, called Doi Mee, was once inhabited by a titan couple. The male titan was said to have eaten over a million elephants in the area, so locals called him Lan Jang, meaning a million elephants.

They believe the bones found in the limestone belong to those elephants and other animals consumed by the titan couple.

From pictures and videos shared on social media, the cave has not yet been prepared for tourists. The route cuts through the forest, and visitors must be accompanied by locals or registered tour guides.

Phayao is a less-visited province, perfect for visitors seeking peace and nature. Other interesting caves in Phayao include Tham Pha Tang Cave and Tham Luang Cave.

Tourists should not miss the morning sea of fog at Phu Langka Forest Park. Doi Luang National Park is recommended for those who love trekking.

Phayao does not have a provincial airport but the province is only a two-hour drive from the popular tourist destination of Chiang Mai. For a more convenient option, visitors could opt for Chiang Rai International Airport, which is about a 1.5-hour drive to Phayao.

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