PTT worker assaulted by drunk foreigner claiming to be immigration

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A shocking incident unfolded at a PTT gas station in Udon Thani Province as 25 year old gas station worker was allegedly assaulted by a drunk foreigner, who claimed to be an immigration worker.

The incident transpired at a PTT station on Udon Dusit Road in Mak Khaeng subdistrict, Mueang Udon Thani district, recounted the incident and provided photographic and video evidence of the assailant.

The altercation took place around 6.50am, May 22, while Jirawat Sunthorn, known as Tum, was attending to customers, a foreign man, estimated to be between 45 to 50 years old, arrived in a new SUV with Udon Thani license plates.

The man was described as having white skin, a large build, and a bald head. He appeared to be intoxicated, and recklessly discarded garbage from his vehicle, prompting Tum to instruct a cashier to address the situation.

The drunk foreigner, agitated by Tum’s intervention, responded in Thai with a northeastern accent, claiming to be “Tormor,” an abbreviation for immigration police in Thai.

Despite attempts by the cashier to defuse the situation, the foreigner proceeded to the gas pump to refuel.

Tum approached the vehicle to assist but was met with hostility as the foreigner, engrossed in a phone call, neglected to open the fuel tank cap, resulting in Tum’s refusal to refuel his vehicle.

In retaliation, the foreigner parked near the exit and approached Tum, striking him twice on the right side of his face and once on his left arm, causing visible swelling and dislodging Tum’s wristwatch.

In a bid to intervene, the cashier stepped in but was also subjected to physical assault, receiving a blow to the head.

Following the altercation hurled insults at both the workers, before quickly taking off. heading towards the Nong Khai Bypass Intersection.

In response to the incident, Tum lodged a formal complaint at the Mueang Udon Thani Police Station the same day.

Another gas station employee, 45 year old Sirikarn Parawong captured video footage of the altercation, and expressed profound shock at the incident, highlighting the dignity of working as a gas station attendant and condemning the unwarranted violence.

Authorities have initiated an investigation into the matter, with Tum undergoing a medical examination at Udon Thani Hospital for documentation purposes.

Witnesses will be summoned to provide detailed statements, and efforts are underway to locate and charge the alleged assailant, reported Khaosod.

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