Miraculous survival: Woman wakes up en route to her own funeral in Udon Thani

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A baffling miraculous survival incident occurred in Udon Thani, when a 49 year old woman, supposedly dead, awakened just as her family prepared for her funeral at a local temple. The family believed she was waiting for her daughter who was travelling from Bangkok.

Weeraphon Rak Samerwong, admin of the Ban Dung Update page, yesterday was informed about transporting Chataphon, a resident of the Ban Dung district, back to her home after succumbing to a severe illness. Mali, the mother, advocated for her daughter to return home as it was the final wish she held dear. As she was informed by the doctor that there were slim chances of her survival, she intended to take her daughter back home.

However, mid-journey to Ban Dung, Chataphon died. Mali, her mother, promptly alerted relatives anticipating them at the temple to start the funeral procession. Bizarrely as the vehicle entered Wat Sri Phadung, Chataphon revived, causing an astonishing reaction among the people in the van. On realising that her daughter had regained consciousness, Mali hurriedly rushed her to Somdet Phra Yuparaj Hospital in Ban Dung. She joyfully informed everyone about their good fortune, stating Chataphon’s miraculous survival, reported KhaoSod.

The relatives preparing the funeral at the temple were flabbergasted at this miraculous survival, especially after bringing a casket, assuming Chataphon was not alive any longer. The situation became more puzzling as they tried to understand how the ‘deceased’ had come back to life.

The journey from Nong Han district to Ban Dung is approximately a 40 kilometre drive that would have taken no less than an hour. The family believe that Chataphon might not have wanted to die just yet, wondering whether she was waiting for her daughter’s arrival from Bangkok to have one last look at her.

As of now, Chataphon is under medical supervision at Ban Dung Hospital, with her daughter by her side, battling for her life.

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