Stabbing incident: Jealous teen kills girlfriend, jumps from building fearing rivalry

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Tragedy struck at the social housing project in Minburi as a jealous 20 year old male, fatally stabbed his 19 year old girlfriend, out of fear she had another admirer. The stabbing incident, which shocked the community, occurred around 9.30pm yesterday. After attacking his girlfriend, the man attempted to evade punishment by leaping from the building, resulting in serious injuries.

Police Colonel Prasit, an investigator from Min Buri Police Station, reported that the victim was found to have been stabbed in both the chest and abdomen. There were also signs of a struggle, as evidenced by a bite mark on her left cheek. Along a pathway between the third and fourth floor of the housing project located on Ram Inthra Road, her body was found with critical bleeding, wearing sports attire and with a sharp folding knife, its handle taped red, nearby.

Meanwhile, the assailant, identified as Nutchanon (last name withheld), was found by the side of the building, having fallen into a water tank. Local emergency services promptly transported him to Serirak Hospital. Notably, Nutchanon was studying in 12th grade at a local school and was living with several relatives in the fourth-floor apartment at the scene of the stabbing incident. His girlfriend was known to frequently visit him there.

Rassupha Thepsa, the 51 year old building manager, stated that she had seen Nutchanon preparing to leap from the building, and tried to restrain him, suggesting he calm down as there were always solutions to problems. However, Nutchanon reportedly told her, “I can’t live anymore because she’s dead,” before leaping. Rassupha spotted the victim’s body thereafter in the walkway between floors three and four, reported KhaoSod.

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Preliminary investigations by the police, including tracking CCTV footage from the building, were carried out to gather evidence about this stabbing incident. Crime scene officers were also on-site to document the details and collect the weapon for further legal proceedings. The body of the young woman was handed over to the Forensic Institute at the Police Hospital for an autopsy, adhering to standard legal procedures.

Investigations on Nattachanon’s action will follow his recovery, to proceed with legal charges. Initial information from the male’s relatives suggests he may have grown jealous as the girl was alleged to have another male suitor. More details are expected as the investigation unfolds about this stabbing incident.

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