Prachinburi locals flock to temple for lucky lottery numbers

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As the Labour Day lottery draws near, the residents of Prachinburi province are flocking to a renowned temple to seek out auspicious numbers for the upcoming draw. The temple, famous for its spiritual significance and lottery number predictions, is celebrating its 120th anniversary, coinciding with the birthday of its abbot, who has turned 83 years old.

This significant cultural event, taking place yesterday night, has attracted a large crowd eager to participate in the celebrations and perhaps secure a winning number for the lottery to be drawn tomorrow.

The temple, which has been a place of worship and a cultural hub for 120 years, is not just a spiritual haven but also a centre for social gatherings and entertainment. Celebrations for the abbot’s 83rd birthday and the temple’s anniversary included performances by famous Likay troupes, such as the Watthana Anant and the prominent Sornram Theppitak ensemble.

These festivities offer a blend of religious observance and traditional Thai performance art, providing a unique experience for both devotees and visitors alike.

During the event, worshippers engaged in various religious rites, such as gilding statues and praying to the temple’s former abbot, a revered monk known for his wisdom and spiritual guidance. Devotees also sought blessings for health and prosperity, with many turning their hopes to the statuesque Thao Wessuwan, standing at 190 centimetres tall, a figure associated with good fortune and protection, reported KhaoSod.

In the quest for lucky numbers, temple-goers often interpret various signs and symbols within the temple grounds. Common practices include seeking numbers associated with significant ages, such as 83, the age of the abbot, or 120, the age of the temple itself.

In related news, Chiang Mai locals are eagerly anticipating today’s lottery draw. Amidst the festive fervour, the city’s lottery vendors witnessed a surge in sales, with certain lucky numbers becoming the talk of the town.

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