Por Tor Festival still going in Phuket, no street processions

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Phuket’s annual Por Tor Festival, AKA the “Hungry Ghosts Festival” is currently going on in Phuket Town. The festival is being held without street processions due to the Covid situation and will go until August 28.

The annual celebration comes on the seventh lunar month in the Chinese calendar. This date is considered the time when the gates of hell open and spirits are permitted to walk around, or possibly float, and visit homes. The occasion also represents a time for helping those who are suffering, such as people in a purgatorial state that did not receive a proper funeral ceremony.

Typically, a red, turtle-shaped cake is made for this festival. The turtle symbolises strength and longevity. People also prepare fruit and other food for the God of the demons.

Due to Covid, there will be no parades for this year’s event.

The following temples are participating in Por Tor related events:

  1. Aug 23: Joh Ong Shrine on Krabi Rd
  2. Aug 26 to Sept 6: Por Tor Kong Shrine
  3. Aug 27: Thai Hua Museum on Krabi Rd
  4. Aug 28: Ao Ke Community on Phoonpon Rd

SOURCE: The Phuket News

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