Sting op: Police seize 12 million meth pills in beekeeping crates

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Officers from Li Police Station intercepted a major drug smuggling operation, seizing 12 million methamphetamine pills, the largest drug bust in a decade. The drugs were hidden in beekeeping crates in an attempt to deceive the police.

Officers yesterday, June 13, led by Vicha Kanthasuk and Piya Angkul Kattanyu, with Songwun Saengkham and anti-narcotics police, set up a checkpoint at Wang Din on Phahonyothin Road, Pa Phai sub-district, Li district, Lamphun province. During the operation, officers stopped a suspicious Toyota pickup truck and a white Isuzu pickup with a metal frame at the back.

The first vehicle was driven by 37 year old Channarong from Chiang Mai, and the second by 49 year old Sarawut from Chiang Rai. Upon inspection of the Isuzu, officers found it was loaded with wooden crates used for beekeeping. Inside these crates, they discovered the hidden methamphetamine pills.

The drug bust amounted to approximately 120 crates, each containing around 100,000 pills, leading to a total of 12 million methamphetamine pills. Both drivers were detained and taken to Li Police Station for questioning and further legal action. A police spokesperson reported this bust as the largest in the past ten years.

“The sophisticated hiding method in beekeeping crates was a clear attempt to evade detection, but our vigilance paid off.”

The crackdown at the checkpoint was part of a larger effort to combat drug trafficking in the region. The officers’ prompt action and thorough inspection played a crucial role in uncovering this significant drug haul.

Further investigations are ongoing to trace the origins and intended destination of the drugs. The authorities aim to dismantle the entire network involved in this trafficking operation. The successful drug bust underscores the importance of continuous vigilance and cooperation among law enforcement agencies.

This incident highlights the growing ingenuity of drug traffickers in attempting to smuggle contraband. However, it also emphasizes the capability and readiness of Thai law enforcement to adapt and respond to such challenges effectively.

The public is encouraged to report any suspicious activities to help authorities in their efforts to combat drug trafficking and ensure community safety. The collaboration between different police units and their swift action exemplifies the strength of coordinated law enforcement efforts in Thailand, reported Khaosod.

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