Septic shock: Colonel reassigned amid conscripts fee fuss

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Following an online controversy, the colonel of the 22nd Logistic and Services Battalion has been reassigned to the 2nd Army Region. The issue arose when conscripts were charged a 500 baht fee for septic tank maintenance and other unjustified expenses.

The Facebook page Esor News 3 shared a conscript’s salary slip on June 12, reporting that the conscript had asked for help in seeking justice due to salary deductions for various unreasonable fees, particularly a 500 baht charge for septic tank maintenance. The page highlighted that a 500-baht fee per person was excessive for septic tank maintenance within the army premises, suggesting possible corruption among high-ranking authorities.

After the story went viral on Thai social media, the Commander of the 2nd Army Region, Adul Boon-dhamcharoen, clarified the situation, stating that the document was a misunderstanding. Adul explained that the salary slip shared on social media was merely a draft submitted to the colonel of the 22nd Logistic and Services Battalion, Archawin Akkapin, for approval. Archawin identified some listed deductions as unreasonable and removed them, including the 500 baht fee for septic tank maintenance.

Adul insisted that this explanation was not an excuse but the truth, maintaining that the draft document had been leaked before the official one was released.

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In the official salary slip, each conscript’s salary was 10,990 baht. After deducting necessary expenses, the remaining amount was 6,170 baht, not the 4,710 baht that initially sparked controversy.

Adul admitted that the issue affected the Royal Thai Army’s (RTA) image, prompting further investigation and measures to prevent similar incidents. Consequently, the colonel of the 22nd Logistic and Services Battalion, Archawin, was transferred to the 2nd Army Region during the investigation.

The Minister of Finance, Sutin Klungsaeng, emphasised in an interview with Thai PBS that conscript and soldier salaries are important policies to attract people to join the RTA. He added that he ordered relevant authorities not to deduct soldiers’ salaries for any unofficial expenses.


ORIGINAL STORY: Controversial 500 baht fee on conscripts scrapped after backlash

A recent directive has cancelled a controversial 500 baht fee for septic tank maintenance levied on conscripts after widespread confusion and criticism. The decision follows revelations that conscripts who earn over 10,000 baht monthly, were left with only a few thousand baht after various deductions.

The Facebook page E-Sor Crushing News 3 posted details yesterday of the expenses for new conscripts in Batch 1/67 of a particular unit. The post stated that conscripts received 7,830 baht for May’s 31 days and an additional 3,160 baht for 12 days in June, totalling 10,990 baht.

The post highlighted the conscripts’ frustration.

“Good heavens!!! New conscripts lament their salary remaining under 5,000 baht after miscellaneous deductions, including a 500 baht fee per head for septic tank maintenance.”

This sparked a vigorous online debate, with many questioning the necessity and high cost of such fees.

The story took another turn when E-Sor Crushing News 3 updated their followers.

“Conscripts rejoice… the unit has cancelled the 500 baht septic tank fee due to a likely misunderstanding.”

The initial report attracted significant public attention. Many online commenters expressed disbelief over the high cost of the septic tank maintenance fee.

“Why should septic tank maintenance cost this much per person?”

This sentiment was echoed across social media platforms, contributing to a growing demand for transparency and fairness in conscript expenses.

Following the uproar, the conscripts’ unit acted swiftly to address the issue. The cancellation of the fee was seen as a positive response to the public outcry, with many lauding the decision as a step towards fairer treatment of conscripts.

The financial strain on conscripts had been a recurring issue. Many conscripts, despite receiving a monthly salary of over 10,000 baht, found themselves with only a fraction of this amount after deductions. Items deducted ranged from essential supplies to seemingly arbitrary fees, further exacerbating their financial woes.

“We receive our salary, but after all the deductions, there’s barely enough left to send back home.”

Fee cancellation

The recent developments have brought some relief and a sense of justice to the conscripts. The decision to cancel the 500 baht fee has been welcomed as a move towards greater accountability and fairness. However, the incident has also highlighted the need for continued scrutiny of conscript expenses to ensure transparency and fairness.

The swift cancellation of the fee reflects the power of social media and public opinion in bringing about change. The conscripts’ plight, once shared online, quickly garnered widespread support and led to an immediate response from their superiors.

In the wake of this controversy, there are calls for a broader review of conscript expenses. Advocates argue that a comprehensive review is necessary to prevent similar issues in the future and to ensure that conscripts receive their full entitlements without undue deductions, reported KhaoSod.

Septic shock: Colonel reassigned amid conscripts fee fuss | News by Thaiger

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