Police bust heroin smuggling gang after high-speed chase

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The Thai authorities apprehended a transnational heroin smuggling gang after a high-speed chase ended with the suspect’s vehicle crashing into a roadside forest. Police discovered 380 bars of heroin weighing 139 kilogrammes with an estimated street value of 280 million baht.

At 9.30am yesterday, senior police officials held a press conference at the Region 4 Provincial Police headquarters, announcing the arrest of 29 year old Natthaphon, also known as ‘Nat Lomsak’ who was found in possession of a substantial heroin shipment.

The operation was initiated after intelligence indicated that a large consignment of drugs would be smuggled from a neighbouring country into Thailand.

Officers were deployed along the border area between Bueng Khong Long district in Bueng Kan province and Ban Phaeng district in Nakhon Phanom province. They monitored the suspected smuggling routes closely.

Police officers Somphop Kongsembat and Aekwit Bakal spotted a suspicious white Chevrolet Colorado pickup truck travelling at high speed on Highway 212 in Bueng Khong Long district and then turned onto Highway 2026.

Officers gave chase and attempted to pressure the driver to stop by using oncoming traffic. The suspect lost control, causing the vehicle to veer off the road and crash into a forest area near Dong Chomphu village in Bueng Khong Long district.

Major bust

Following the crash, officers arrested the driver and discovered three plastic-wrapped sacks containing 380 bars of heroin weighing 139 kilogrammes. The seized drugs were valued at approximately 280 million baht.

During questioning, the suspect confessed to recently being released from prison after serving time for drug-related offences. He admitted being hired for 100,000 baht by a financier to transport the drugs from the border in Bueng Kan province to Phetchabun.

The suspect revealed that if the heroin had successfully reached a third country, it could have fetched a value of 280 million baht or even more if sold in smaller quantities.

The suspect and the confiscated drugs were handed over to Bung Khong Long Police Station for further legal proceedings.

Charges filed against the suspect include possession of drugs with intent to distribute and driving under the influence of narcotics, reported Khaosod.

The successful operation has highlighted the ongoing efforts of Thai authorities to combat drug trafficking across borders.

The collaboration between various police units and the swift action taken during the chase signifies the high level of preparedness and coordination among law enforcement agencies in tackling such crimes.

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