Car chase

  • Drugs

    Shots fired by Bangkok police in drugs bust car chase

    Plainclothes police officers fired at a car they believed to be driven by a drug dealer who was attempting to flee. The suspect remains at large. The incident took place on Phetkasem Road on Friday evening, causing panic in the area. It is the latest skirmish in Thailand’s war on drugs, triggered by this month’s day car massacre in the…

  • Drugs

    Truck leads police on 100km chase over shockingly small drug stash

    There have been a growing number of stories of cars and trucks running through checkpoints and then being chased down to find drug shipments inside. Sometimes massive amounts of drugs worth hundreds of millions of baht are found in the fleeing cars, helping to explain why someone would try to make such a daring escape. But is it worth it…

  • Phuket

    Car chase starts at checkpoint, goes downhill from there

    Over the weekend, a 51 year old man from Trang allgedly sped through a checkpoint and led police on a reported 60 kilometre police chase. The chase ended when the man overturned his car. The “60 Kilometres” presumably referred to the man’s speed. The man, Parit Poldet, had initially declined to stop for the check at the Phuket entry Tha…