Police arrest 12 homeless people for trespassing in Khon Kaen

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Police apprehended 12 homeless people who had been occupying an abandoned restaurant near Bueng Kaen Nakhon, following numerous complaints from locals about disturbances.

Police were alerted by the property owner about the growing number of homeless people occupying an old restaurant, causing distress to nearby residents. Officers were dispatched to control the situation, and the 12 individuals were subsequently arrested for their unlawful residence.

The homeless group were taken into custody and formally charged with night-time trespassing before being sent to court for further legal action.

Local authorities noted that Khon Kaen, particularly the Mueang District, has seen a rise in homeless individuals, some of whom have become problematic for the community.

Recently, a group of homeless people attacked a visitor at the Phra Mae Thorani Shrine, resulting in injuries. The police managed to track down and arrest those responsible. The incident highlights the ongoing issues related to homelessness in the area, reported KhaoSod.

The situation underscores the challenges faced by the local community and law enforcement in managing the growing homeless population. As the number of homeless individuals continues to rise, authorities must find sustainable solutions to this pressing issue.

In related news, police apprehended a blind Cambodian mother and her seven year old daughter, who were found begging at a local market, revealing their daily earnings to be surprisingly high.

Upon investigation, it was discovered that the duo consisted of a blind, 46 year old woman named Sok Lee and her seven year old daughter. Both were found without documentation for their stay in Thailand, possessing only Cambodian identification cards.

In other news, Thailand’s bustling streets are teeming with beggars, and the latest statistics reveal a startling trend: nearly 30% of them are foreigners. Social Development and Human Security Minister Varawut Silpa-archa made the revelation today, June 11, addressing a surge of complaints on social media about the growing presence of beggars, especially outside Bangkok’s major shopping malls.

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