Police arrest man for smuggling crystal meth in clothes in Bangkok

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Bangkok Police arrested a Thai man for smuggling crystal methamphetamine hidden in second-hand clothing parcels.

The man confessed to working for over a month, earning 3,000 baht daily by packing and shipping drugs.

Police officers, including Kiattikul Sonthinene, received a report from Kornwarat Promsawan and the Romklao investigation team about alleged drug trafficking activities in the Rong Kha Daeng community. The suspect, Ekapot, also known as Big, was apprehended at a house on Krungthep Kreetha Road in Bangkok’s Lat Krabang district.

Police discovered 51.6 grammes of crystal meth concealed in plastic bags and parcels. Additional evidence included a mobile phone and a urine test certificate from Lat Krabang Hospital. The investigation team had been monitoring Ekapot’s activities, noting his method of distributing drugs via postal packages and occasionally direct handovers at his residence.

Upon executing a search warrant issued by the Min Buri Criminal Court, police found Ekapot lying on a bed in a room separated by curtains and a wardrobe. When Ekapot noticed the officers, he appeared visibly startled. The search led to the discovery of eight parcels next to his bed, containing nearly 60 grammes of crystal meth wrapped in foil and taped to second-hand clothing, making it appear as though he was selling used clothes to customers.

Ekapot admitted during questioning that he had hidden an additional 1.4 grammes of crystal meth behind the house, which was also ready to be shipped. He revealed that he received all the drugs from a man named Natthawut, also known as Nui, who lived in Zone 11 of the same community. Nui would either deliver the drugs directly or leave them at predetermined locations. Customers primarily contacted them through Facebook and Twitter, with Nui taking the orders and Ekapot handling the packaging and shipping.

Ekapot’s clientele spanned various provinces, including Chiang Rai, Surin, Bueng Kan, Phayao, and Uttaradit. In Bangkok, the primary distribution area was Ladprao. He earned 3,000 baht daily for packing and shipping eight parcels each day, having worked in this capacity for about a month.

Drug charges

The police have charged Ekapot with possessing and distributing a Category 1 narcotic without authorisation and using a Category 1 narcotic. He has been handed over to investigators for further legal proceedings, reported KhaoSod.

“We have been closely monitoring Ekapot’s activities for some time. His method of concealing drugs within second-hand clothing parcels was quite sophisticated, but not enough to evade our surveillance.

“Drug trafficking remains a significant issue, and we are committed to cracking down on these illegal activities to ensure the safety and well-being of our communities.”

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