Phayao police seize 7.6 million meth pills in drug bust

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Police in Phusang, Phayao, intercepted a vehicle suspected of drug trafficking and discovered 31 sacks containing 7.6 million methamphetamine pills, the driver managed to escape. Authorities are intensifying surveillance and investigation efforts to apprehend those involved.

Police, led by Tikhawut Bunditchusakul, Chief of Phusang Police Station, a team of investigators and the Provincial Narcotics Suppression Unit, yesterday received intelligence about the imminent transportation of drugs through Phusang. Acting on this tip, they set up an ambush.

A suspicious vehicle, escorted by two others, was spotted. As police moved in to intercept, the driver managed to escape under the cover of darkness, while the escort vehicles fled in different directions. The suspicious vehicle was later seized in the middle of the road at Ban Sai Ngam, in the Sobbong sub-district of Phusang.

A thorough inspection revealed 31 sacks of methamphetamine pills, all packed in fertiliser bags.

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The vehicle, a black Mitsubishi Pajero, had its back seats removed to accommodate the large quantity of drugs. It was taken to Phusang Police Station for further examination. Detailed inspection confirmed the presence of 7.6 million methamphetamine pills.

Phayao police seize 7.6 million meth pills in drug bust
Disguised meth pills (Image: KhaoSod)

Tikhawut commented on the operation, noting that recent data had been collected regarding drug trafficking from Chiang Rai along various routes. However, it was unexpected that traffickers would utilise Phusang’s routes for this purpose.

The drugs are believed to have been transported from the Thai-Lao border through forests, as authorities find the area challenging to monitor due to its density and the abundance of access points. The traffickers chose the Tuang Kluai and Sobbong routes within Phusang for this particular operation.

Forensic officers from Phayao arrived to examine the confiscated methamphetamine, collecting DNA and fingerprint evidence from the sacks and packaging. All the methamphetamine packages were marked with the letters ‘999’ and five stars. Efforts to track and prosecute the offenders are ongoing.

Phayao Provincial Police Chief, Pitak Nasamwas added that following the seizure of this significant drug batch, an urgent meeting was convened to discuss further measures to prevent drug trafficking, despite the successful escape of the drug trafficking driver, reported Khaosod.

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