Pickup driver caught at Phuket police checkpoint (video)

Photo courtesy of KhaoSod

A pickup truck driver revved his engine, causing thick black smoke to billow out, as he passed a police checkpoint in Phuket. Two officers on motorcycles immediately pursued and captured him, earning praise from netizens who commended their swift action.

A video clip, one minute and four seconds long, was posted by the Choeng Thale Police Station in Phuket, accompanied by the message:

“Drive safely and be considerate of others. If you don’t follow the rules, Choeng Thale Police Station is here to serve you.”

The clip showed a pickup truck loaded with items and carrying passengers in the back. The pickup was travelling from the Choeng Thale-Ban Don Road in Choeng Thale subdistrict, Thalang district, and turned left onto Si Sunthon Road. As it approached a three-way intersection with a red light, the driver revved the engine, releasing a significant amount of black smoke from the exhaust.

Two police officers, noticing the smoke and the disturbance it caused, quickly mounted their motorcycles and chased the truck. The thick smoke caused several motorcyclists waiting at the red light to cough and wave their hands to disperse the smoke.

The officers pursued the truck until they reached the front of Choeng Thale Temple in Choeng Thale subdistrict, where they managed to surround and apprehend the driver.

Netizens flocked to social media to praise the police officers for their prompt response and to criticise the pickup truck driver for causing such a disturbance. Comments flooded in, with people expressing their support for the police and their disapproval of the driver’s actions.

“I commend the police.”

“I don’t understand what’s cool about causing trouble for others. Thank you, Choeng Thale Police Station.”

The scene unfolded yesterday, July 2, generating significant attention online.

Phuket residents and netizens alike have shown their appreciation for law enforcement’s dedication to maintaining order and safety. The video has since gone viral, with many viewers expressing their support for the police’s efforts to clamp down on reckless driving and ensure public safety, reported KhaoSod.

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