Phuket officials inspect Chamcha Market for hygiene

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Officials conducted a thorough inspection of Chamcha Market in Phuket Town yesterday, July 3, to ensure vendors adhere to food hygiene guidelines and display accurate prices.

The inspection, led by Phuket Provincial Commercial Office Chief Woranit Apirat Jirawong, was a collaborative effort with the Sanitation and Environmental Health Department of Phuket City Municipality.

Chamcha Market, also known as Lor Rong Market, is a well-known hotspot for local cuisine, attracting both Thai and international tourists. The goal of the inspection was to prevent consumer exploitation and allow customers to compare prices easily, thereby promoting a positive image for Phuket tourism, said Chief Woranit.

“Chamcha Market is a key attraction where tourists can experience authentic local food. Ensuring transparent pricing helps maintain fairness and enhances the market’s reputation.”

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Officials noticed a mix of compliance among the vendors. While some had posted visible price tags, others had not. The team provided guidelines to those vendors, emphasising the importance of clear pricing to meet consumer protection standards, Chief Woranit.

“The team advised these vendors on the necessity of labelling their products with clear prices and requested compliance to uphold consumer protection standards.”

Regular inspections by the Phuket Provincial Commercial Office aim to preempt potential issues, even though no consumer complaints had been reported at Chamcha Market to date. These proactive measures are intended to maintain the market’s reputation and ensure a fair shopping experience for all visitors, reported Phuket News.

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In other news, shoppers at Naklua Market were left stunned by an unexpected surge in veggie costs, particularly garden chilli peppers, driven by a relentless dry spell gripping the region.

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