Chilli shoppers feel the heat as market prices surge amid dry spell

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Shoppers at Naklua Market were left stunned by an unexpected surge in veggie costs, particularly garden chilli peppers, driven by a relentless dry spell gripping the region.

A survey yesterday revealed a dramatic spike in the cost of garden chilli peppers, which have skyrocketed from 200 to 400 baht per kilogramme. To cope with the steep prices, vendors have resorted to packaging the chillies into smaller portions, selling at 20 baht per bag.

The price hikes haven’t stopped there; other vegetables have also seen significant increases. Celery and coriander now fetch 200 baht per kilogramme, while long beans have jumped to 120 baht per kilogramme.

Thom Sisingh, a 72 year old market vendor, explained that the soaring chilli prices are a direct result of the ongoing dry conditions.

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“The retail price of garden chilli peppers has surged to 40 baht per 10 grammes or 400 baht per kilogramme. We’ve had to sell smaller portions to fit customers’ budgets.”

Thom pointed out that poor rainfall has led to lower yields, with many plants withering in the fields.

Nonaree Khunajarn, a 27 year old Somtam shop owner known for her fiery papaya salads, expressed disbelief at the inflated prices.

“I’ve been running my business for over three months, and I’ve never seen chilli prices this high.”

Nonaree has also noticed a consistent rise in the cost of various vegetables essential to her dishes, reported Pattaya Mail.

“The hot and dry weather of the upcoming dry season has made it incredibly difficult to cultivate vegetables.”

The cost of chillies for her shop has soared to 500 baht per kilogramme, up from the previous 270 baht per kilogramme.

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