Taking off: Really Cool Airlines CEO ready to revolutionise air travel

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After 14 years as the mastermind behind Nok Air, Really Cool Airlines CEO Patee Sarasin is back with a daring new venture promising to shake up the airline industry.

At 62, Patee believes that the winds of change are about to sweep through the world of air travel. Having witnessed the tumultuous impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the aviation industry, he is determined to steer clear of similar pitfalls with his latest project, the whimsically named Really Cool Airlines.

Launched in March last year, Really Cool Airlines aims to start operations later this year, focusing primarily on international long-haul flights. Patee envisions a passenger experience like no other, leveraging partnerships outside the traditional airline industry, such as in the entertainment and digital sectors. His goal is to make air travel exciting again, rejecting the notion of planes as mere “buses in the sky.”

“The name ‘Really Cool’ resonates globally. It’s easily understood from America to Australia. We want passengers to step aboard and think, ‘Wow, that’s really cool!’ Our job is to offer unique services that continually impress and provide value.”

The airline will initially operate with A330 wide-body aircraft, targeting four major cities in Japan—Narita, Nagoya, Kansai, and Chikusei. Additionally, routes will include Hong Kong, Singapore, and Kazakhstan, a destination Patee describes as a “beautiful place that will be an eye-opener for many Thais.”

Patee candidly discusses the current challenges in the industry, particularly the scarcity of aircraft and skilled personnel post-pandemic.

“The supply side has gone bonkers. Not enough planes and the ground-handling services suffered because many good people were let go. Now, they don’t want to return.”

Despite these hurdles, Patee’s management style remains flexible and collaborative.

“I work closely with my team, listen to new ideas, and avoid rigid thinking. To build a great brand today, you must break away from the norm.”

The Really Cool Airlines CEO emphasises the importance of forward-thinking and adaptability in business.

“Staying safe means stagnating. You must plan and differentiate yourself. Otherwise, you’ll face unexpected challenges.”

On a personal note, Patee enjoys being a father and values the balance it brings to his life, reported Prestige Online.

“I don’t want my kids to grow up too fast. Having them around teaches me to divide my time well. I’m not materialistic, and I value inclusivity and open-mindedness in this ever-changing world.”

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