Phuket man arrested for raping his stepdaughter and niece

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Police arrested a Thai man for repeatedly raping his nine year old stepdaughter and 11 year old niece at the homes of his wife and mistress in the Chalong sub-district of Phuket.

A teacher from Ban Chalong School in Phuket filed a complaint with Chalong Police Station officers at about 8pm on July 6 that two young girls were victims of a 37 year old rapist named Montri.

The complaint was filed at the Chalong Sub-district Administrative Office, which sent officers to visit the girls’ home later that day. The two girls, identified as nine year old Gam and 11 year old Mam, were rescued and relocated by the Phuket Provincial Shelter for Children and Family for their safety.

Gam’s mother, named Karn, and Mam’s grandmother, named Thorn, are Montri’s wives. Thorn is the legal wife, while Karn is his mistress. There was no report on whether the two wives were aware of each other.

The news Facebook page, Phuket Hotnews, claimed that Karn knew about the sexual assault but did not take legal action against Montri because his legal wife, 37 year old Thorn, threatened her.

The 27 year old Karn told the police that she learned about the sexual assault from her daughter’s teacher. The girl revealed to her that Montri raped her several times, leaving her living in fear. MGR Online reported that Thorn also went to the police station to file a complaint against her husband.

Officers immediately arrested Montri and denied his bail request to prevent him from escaping arrest. Montri was later charged under Section 277 of the Criminal Law: sexually assaulting minors under 13 years old. The penalty is imprisonment from seven to 20 years and a fine from 140,000 to 400,000 baht, or life imprisonment.

In a similar case reported in January, police arrested a Thai man for raping both his biological daughter and stepdaughter for over 10 years. His biological daughter, aged 18, became pregnant after being raped from the age of nine.

The girl’s mother knew about the sexual assaults but ignored them until the victims came forward to seek police assistance themselves.

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