Phuket Airport: Swedish-Russian man nabbed for extortion

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In a dramatic twist at Phuket International Airport, immigration officers apprehended a 25 year old Swedish-Russian man, just as he was about to flee to Kuala Lumpur. The arrest follows a disturbing incident of robbery and extortion that left a young Russian woman traumatised.

Police Lieutenant General Ittipol Ittisarnronnachai, the commissioner of the Immigration Bureau, disclosed the details of the Swedish-Russian national, Oleksandr’s arrest. He was promptly handed over to Chalong Police Station for interrogation and prosecution.

The case began on the night of May 8 when Diera, a 23 year old Russian national, reported an alarming ordeal to Chalong Police. She had arranged to meet Oleksandr through the Telegram app at a villa in Chalong subdistrict to exchange 25,000 baht for US$700 in cryptocurrency.

During their meeting, another Russian accomplice entered the scene unnoticed. The pair violently overpowered Diera, covering her head with a bag, tying her up, and seizing her phone. Under duress, they forced her to transfer additional funds. When she claimed to have no money left, Oleksandr struck her until she revealed her phone password. Finding her online account empty, they compelled her to summon a friend for more cash.

The criminals stole US$2,000 (approximately 70,000 baht) and 6,000 baht, totalling 104,546 baht, before releasing her. Shaken but determined, Diera immediately reported the crime to Chalong Police. The quick action led to Phuket Immigration placing Oleksandr on a watchlist. His attempt to escape was thwarted as he was arrested at the airport on charges of night-time robbery, reported KhaoSod English.

The accomplice, however, managed to flee the country. Authorities are now gathering evidence to secure an arrest warrant from the Phuket Provincial Court to bring the fugitive to justice.

In related news, Bangkok was the scene of a daring extortion case involving five Chinese businessmen and a group of Thais, including law enforcement officers on May 5.

A press conference, held by Din Daeng police and other relevant agencies, revealed the shocking incident where the businessmen were forcibly detained and extorted for 2.5 million baht.

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