Photos of dead person used as weapon in two-decade land dispute

Photo via Facebook/ อยากดังเดี๋ยวจัดให้ รีเทริน์ part 6

A family in Chanthaburi province is seeking help after their neighbours resorted to hanging photos of a dead family member as a threat due to an ongoing land dispute that spans two decades.

A Thai woman took to Facebook to share news about a land conflict between her family and neighbours to seek advice from netizens.

The woman reported a growing number of issues between the two families following the land dispute. Recently, the neighbours accused her family of intruding on their privacy by installing security cameras and demanded their removal.

In response, the neighbours hung photos of the family’s deceased relatives facing their house, causing them distress and fear, particularly at night. The neighbours blamed the family for the person’s death and demanded an apology in front of the deceased’s photos.

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Seeking assistance, the family turned to community leaders and local police, but their intervention only worsened the situation. Consequently, the woman sought advice on social media platforms.

Many netizens advised the woman and her family to disregard the neighbours’ actions and continue living their lives as usual. However, others suggested seeking revenge through various means. Suggestions ranged from ignoring the neighbours’ actions to pursuing revenge.

The story garnered significant attention, prompting Channel 3 to interview the neighbours to present their side of the situation.

The neighbours said this family encroached on their property and that rainwater from the family’s roof, lacking a gutter, was damaging their house. The neighbours alleged that they requested the installation of a gutter five years ago but the family had not complied.

The neighbours further mentioned that the eldest sibling passed away two years ago due to depression and cancer. They attributed the cause of the depression symptoms, ultimately leading to the death, to the family.

They said that they would be open to resolving the dispute if the family agreed to install a gutter, offer an apology to their deceased sibling, and demonstrate remorse for their actions.

The family maintains their innocence and refuses to apologise. It remains unclear if any relevant authorities will intervene in this ongoing conflict.

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