Pheu Thai Party eyes House Speaker position

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The Pheu Thai Party is reportedly planning to reclaim the House Speaker position from the Prachachat Party, according to a source yesterday.

This move is part of the ruling party’s strategy to restructure its parliamentary operations, and it is predicted that the position might be given to a prominent member of the party, possibly a minister who may be removed from the Cabinet during the anticipated reshuffle.

However, it will be a challenging task for the Pheu Thai Party to take back the post from the Prachachat Party as the current House Speaker, Wan Muhamad Noor Matha, holds significant influence. The uncertainty lies in what his decision would be if he were asked to relinquish his role.

Wan Noor, a former leader of the Prachachat Party, was chosen for the House Speaker position to resolve a stalemate between the Pheu Thai Party and the Move Forward Party (MFP). This occurred when an eight-party coalition led by the MFP attempted to establish a coalition government last year.

Speaking yesterday, Wan Noor stated that while he doesn’t have a particular attachment to his post, he is against interference in parliamentary matters. He emphasised the significance of the House Speaker’s role as one of the three pillars of the democratic system.

“If there is intervention for my resignation, Parliament isn’t what it’s supposed to be. The prime minister is authorised to make a Cabinet reshuffle, but the House Speaker’s term is specified by the charter. No one can change it except if he is unable to fulfil his duty or resigns.”


Following his election as House Speaker, Wan Noor resigned from his position as the Prachachat Party leader. This is in accordance with the constitution, which requires that the House Speaker maintains political neutrality and does not hold a position in any political party.

Justice Minister and Prachachat list-MP Tawee Sodsong stressed that Cabinet reshuffles and the House Speaker post are separate issues. He was responding to rumours that the post might be given to a Cabinet minister who is ousted from the Cabinet.

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin chose not to comment on speculation that the Pheu Thai Party is seeking to regain the House Speaker post. He stated that while the party values the workings of Parliament, he is not the right person to address this question, pointing instead to the Pheu Thai Party leader.

“I’d rather not talk about this because it affects other people and it is not my business.”

PM Srettha also avoided making comments on the much-discussed Cabinet reshuffle.

The buzz around the Cabinet reshuffle and the possible change in the House Speaker has stemmed from the PM’s recent comments on the importance of placing the right person in the right role, be it in executive or legislative work.

Rumours are rife that two Pheu Thai veterans, Defence Minister Sutin Klungsang and Public Health Minister Cholnan Srikaew, might be removed from the Cabinet and given the responsibility of overseeing the ruling party’s parliamentary affairs and strategies, reported Bangkok Post.

In the aftermath of last year’s general election, Dr Cholnan was considered for the House Speaker post, but Wan Noor was chosen when the Pheu Thai and MFP reached a compromise.

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