Phallic Phantasm: Thai man erects 3 penis statues for good luck in central Thailand

Photo via MGR Online.

A retired senior police sergeant major, in the central province of Kampaeng Phet, raised a few titters after he completed an unusual erection on his land, three penis statues. He believes the phallic erections will bring him good luck in selling his land, which is worth 60 million baht.

Three penis statues stand prominently on the land of the 86 year old Thai man, Thoop Lamoonmorn. The largest one-eyed monster, standing at an impressive 3.5 meters tall, is painted in a pristine white hue and takes centre stage. Surrounding it are three smaller penis statues, each measuring about 1.5 meters in height and adorned in gold.

A sign positioned in front of the statues reads…

“Pray to the Father of the World. All luck will be with you”.

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Thoop revealed in an interview with MGR Online that he sees the penis as the father of all living beings. Without this, fathers, humanity and other forms of life would not exist in this world.

The old man explained that he built the statues five years ago and placed several sacred penis-shaped amulets called Palad Khik, inside the largest statue, from many well-respected and renowned monks. Thoop mentioned that he had recently splashed a fresh coat of white and gold paint on the erections.

Phallus prayers

The retired cop added that he prayed to his penis statues every time he visited the land and that he was happy if any locals or visitors wanted to come and pray.

Thoop said he wanted the erections to bring him good luck. He wanted to sell some plots of land, nearly 20,000 square metres, for 60 million baht. He also wanted to do good by donating 20 million baht to hospitals and schools.

Thoop showed the media how he prayed to the penis statues. He raised one hand, similar to the Thai greeting gesture, the wai, and placed the other hand on the tip of the penis. His eyes remained fixed on the largest penis statue and he made a wish.

The penis statue may not come as a surprise to some Thais, as in some provinces penis statues are made and paraded around the community to summon rain from the gods.

In June, farmers in the Bang Nam Piao district in the central province of Chachengsao successfully overcame a drought. They managed to summon rain by erecting a penis statue in the middle of the road.

Locals in the central province of Kanchanaburi also made a wooden penis statue to pray to the gods for abundant agricultural produce.



Phallic Phantasm: Thai man erects 3 penis statues for good luck in central Thailand | News by Thaiger
Thoop was praying and making a wish | Photo via MGR Online
Phallic Phantasm: Thai man erects 3 penis statues for good luck in central Thailand | News by Thaiger
Photo via MGR Online

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