Pattaya trans climbs flagpole and exposes her breasts (video)

Photo by ทิวากร กฤษมณี via Facebook เรารักพัทยา

Police officers arrested a Thai transwoman after she had climbed a flagpole and exposed her breasts in front of the Pattaya Police Station last night. She reportedly suffers from mental health problems and has been arrested in the past for theft.

Officers from Mueang Pattaya Police Station reported that the transwoman climbed a 1.5-metre pole in front of officers last night at about midnight. She then stood on the pole, pulled down her strapless top to reveal her breasts, and yelled at passersby, both Thai and foreign.

Many people recorded videos of the incident while others tried to convince her to come down, warning her that her behaviour was both dangerous and embarrassing. Despite their pleas, the transwoman refused and instead shouted vulgarities at those who were trying to help her.

In the video, she said…

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“I am not crazy! Come closer and listen to me! Ask me why I am doing this. I don’t care if the media reports on me.”

Police officers intervened, trying to convince the transwoman to come down from the pole. However, she refused, and as a result, one officer had to pull her leg to get her down and before escorting her to the police station for questioning.

While the officers did not reveal the transwoman’s identity, they did confirm that she had a history of mental health problems and had been arrested for theft. She told the officers that she came to the police station to seek justice, insisting that she had not stolen anything from anyone.

After calming her down, an officer contacted her relatives to pick her up. They did not issue any charges against her.

The transwoman could have been facing a fine of up to 5,000 baht for harassing, causing humiliation, or annoying others in public according to Section 397 of the Criminal Law.

Pattaya trans climbs flagpole and exposes her breasts (video) | News by Thaiger

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