Bare knuckle boxer flashes boobs after Bangkok victory

Aussie bare knuckle boxer Tai Emery is set to make a fortune after she bared her boobs following a triumphant victory over her opponent in Bangkok last weekend.

Emery celebrated after beating Rung-Arun Khunchai in a Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship contest by flashing her breasts on Saturday.

The former electrician delivered a right upper-cut and a left hook that left Khunchai on the canvas in her round 1 knock-out triumph at the BKFC Thailand 3 tournament. The female fighter then jumped onto the ropes and lifted her sports vest to give the audience a good look.

Emery revealed that her OnlyFans account jumped from about 40 subscribers to more than 2500 as a consequence while her Instagram platform surged from about 46,000 to 110,000 followers.

The former model charges US$10 a month per subscription which means she will make US$25,000 a month and about US$300 thousand a year, and possibly more.

Emery made known that she used the earnings from her OnlyFans page, about US$400 a month, to fund her bare knuckle boxing dream.

“I used my OnlyFans money to save up and eventually start to live a little bit different from a ladle and a bucket of water.”

Emery confessed flashing her boobs felt liberating and promised fans some more racy content on her platform with a competitor.

“My personality is a little crazy, wild and free, and I think there is usually nothing more liberating than being out and being like, ah, get your tits out. I literally just knocked this girl out and walked off as if it was still in slow motion. Why not do that?

“I’ve been completely enabled to continue to be myself and so I shall.”

Can fans and spectators expect to see the celebration again? You betcha, she says.

“I’m trying to get it to a point where maybe there is going to be a reflection of a sea of titties just looking back at me and this army of salute from men to women.”

What the authorities in Bangkok and Thailand make of it all no one knows at the moment.

The Thai authorities generally take a dim view of such things.

Only last month Thai model and DJ “Oil Kissyface” was fined 10,000 baht under the Public Obscenity Act after a video of her dancing topless at a nightclub in Khon Kaen went viral on social media.

SOURCE: Daily Mail New York Post

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