Man goes viral for resemblance to PM Prayut

PHOTO: A man has gone viral for his resemblence to PM Prayut. (via Naewan)

Many of us – especially the more homely amongst us – have probably wished they looked like a celebrity. But be careful what you wish for because one man has shot to viral fame for his uncanny resemblance to Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha.

Thai social media users were stunned after seeing images of a vocational education expert online who happens to be a dead-ringer for PM Prayut. The images of the doppelgänger went viral on social media, leaving many people amazed at how similar the two men looked.

Photos of the expert first cropped up on a Facebook page for Uttaradit Vocational College in the far northern province of Uttaradit. The pics were accompanied by a post indicating that Dr Bandit Singchangchai, the director, and teachers attended a vocational education management training program, with Sinthao Chaisawat serving as the specialist in the area.

Then that post was shared on the “Drama-addict” Facebook page. They shared the twin-like photos with the caption simply reading, “very similar.”

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This led to a flurry of comments from Thai social media users who couldn’t believe how alike the expert and the Prime Minister look. One person commented that if the expert was slightly plumper, the two men would be indistinguishable.

Another person commented that the resemblance was too close – that the vocational education specialist and PM Prayut look more alike than siblings do.

The images have attracted a lot of attention after being shared widely on social media. Many people have expressed their amazement at the eerie resemblance between the two men. The vocational education expert looks so similar that he could stand in for the Prime Minister at public events.

Some wonder whether the striking similarities in their appearance are completely coincidental, or if the educator has noticed his resemblance to PM Prayut and gone out of his way to lean into the look, perhaps with his dress, hairstyle, and demeanour.

So far, the expert has not commented on his resemblance to the Prime Minister. But, the images have sparked a lot of interest online and have been shared widely on social media platforms.

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