Pattaya: Outrage as iconic Dolphin Fountain left high and dry

Photo courtesy of Pattaya Mail

In a fiery city council meeting, Pattaya City Councillor Jidapha Suwathaphon spotlighted a troubling oversight: the Dolphin Roundabout fountain on North Pattaya Road remains an unsightly eyesore.

“The dolphins have been motionless and dry since I assumed office.”

Jidapha reminded the council that funds had already been approved to replace the fountain’s pumps. Despite this, no action has been taken.

“It’s essential to promptly fix the fountain to enhance the city’s appeal to tourists. Visitors should encounter beautiful and functioning landmarks.”

Deputy Mayor Manot Nongyai responded, acknowledging the fountain’s issues predated the current administration.

“The fountain had ceased operation before we took office.”

He detailed the fountain’s operation, mentioning that it relies on two alternating pumps to create its signature movement.

“We investigated the malfunction upon taking office and identified broken pumps as the root cause.”

However, he admitted the procurement process for new pumps is notoriously slow due to stringent government regulations, reported Pattaya Mail.

“We are currently in the third quarter of the procurement process and anticipate the fountain to be operational again by the fourth quarter.”

Manot promised that once the pumps were replaced, the Dolphin Roundabout fountain would once again become a vibrant attraction for visitors.

In related news, initiated with grand aspirations back in November 2017, the Bali Hai Pier project was supposed to breathe new life into Pattaya’s tourism scene. With a whopping budget of 95 million baht approved by the city council, hopes were sky-high.

Plans boasted extensive renovations and lush landscaping, including the show-stopping Dancing Fountain Plaza destined to dazzle tourists.

In other news, Mayor Poramet Ngampichet of Pattaya delivered an update on the ongoing and upcoming infrastructure projects aimed at improving the city’s drainage systems. These initiatives, funded by the previous budget allocation, represent a concerted effort to enhance the city’s infrastructure and overall livability.

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