Pattaya’s Bali Hai Pier project disaster

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Initiated with grand aspirations back in November 2017, the Bali Hai Pier project was supposed to breathe new life into Pattaya’s tourism scene.

With a whopping budget of 95 million baht approved by the city council, hopes were sky-high. Plans boasted extensive renovations and lush landscaping, including the show-stopping Dancing Fountain Plaza destined to dazzle tourists.

Fast forward to today, and the reality is grim. The once-promising project has crumbled faster than a sandcastle at high tide. Despite drawing crowds initially, the Dancing Fountain Plaza now stands as a solemn testament to unfulfilled promises, neglected and forlorn after just two short years.

Critics are pulling no punches, rightly slamming the project as a prime example of public funds gone astray and oversight gone AWOL, reported Pattaya Mail.

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Efforts to rescue the plaza have flopped, leaving taxpayers scratching their heads and wallets.

ORIGINAL STORY: Bali Hai Pier roof construction to be completed before Songkran

Ensuring the safety and comfort of locals and tourists, Pattaya Deputy Mayor Manoch Nongyai has pledged to complete the roof construction at Bali Hai Pier before the Songkran festival. Manoch, along with city council members, personally inspected the ongoing project at the pier on Tuesday, March 19.

The construction project at Bali Hai Pier entails two fundamental components. One is to repair the pier’s worn-out structure, and the other is to add a roof to the pedestrian walkway. Manoch explained that the pier, which caters to an overwhelming crowd of visitors daily, has been in operation for many years, necessitating an urgent refurbishment for safety reasons.

To address these safety concerns and ensure the pier’s structural integrity, the city has brought on board a construction company. Their main task is to work on the lower section of the pier, focusing on rectifying the structural weaknesses that have emerged over time.

In addition, there is an ongoing construction of a 300-metre-long roof over the pedestrian walkway. The roof will act as a barrier against the sun and rain, enhancing the comfort of tourists. However, Manoch disclosed that the construction process has faced some hurdles. These include the fact that workers can only operate on the lower section of the pier during low tides, slowing down the progress.

Despite these challenges, the roof construction is progressing well, with the support poles already put in place. Looking forward, Manoch assured that the entire project would be completed well before the Songkran festival. This timeline will allow visitors to enjoy the newly renovated pier and the sheltered walkway during the peak season, reported Pattaya News.

“The pier has been used for decades to accommodate tens of thousands of visitors daily. This prompted the pier to necessitate repairs to ensure the safety of both locals and tourists.

“While construction has been ongoing for some time, workers face challenges as they could only work on the lower pier section when the tides are low.”

Pledging a timely completion of the project, Manoch confirmed that the entire project is expected to be finished well before Songkran to allow visitors to enjoy the newly renovated pier and the covered walkway during the peak season.

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