Pattaya crackdown: Mayor checks on ‘soi sore’ after eviction deadline

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Pattaya Mayor Poramet Ngampichet led city officials on a site inspection of Photisan Soi 6 in North Pattaya yesterday, July 1. This followed the June 30 deadline for residents to vacate their illegally built homes on public land.

For over 30 years, unauthorised structures have stood in Photisan Soi 6. Now, Pattaya City is reclaiming this land to restore it for public use, ease traffic congestion, and stimulate economic growth. The operation involves dismantling these illegal homes and rental buildings, while also providing alternative housing solutions for the 20 affected families.

Mayor Poramet underscored the city’s dedication to monitoring the progress of these reclamation efforts. So far, 18 of the 20 families have relocated voluntarily, allowing municipal workers to begin clearing and levelling the land for an ambitious road construction project. However, resistance remains from two families on the periphery, who have refused to move. Pattaya City is continuing negotiations with these families and is prepared to take legal action if necessary.

The reclaimed area of Photisan Soi 6 is crucial to a larger infrastructure project aimed at alleviating traffic along Pattaya Third Road. The project covers approximately 300 metres from the Photisan intersection to Photisan Soi 6, with an additional 150 metres extending to Photisan Soi 8.

Addressing public concerns about fairness in enforcement, Mayor Poramet stressed that the city’s reclamation efforts are impartial and not based on economic status. Similar measures are being enforced in other areas, such as Sukhawadee House in Naklua, where encroachments obstruct public roads. The mayor highlighted that these initiatives are designed to benefit the entire community by improving traffic flow and accessibility for residents and tourists, reported Pattaya Mail.

In related news, Thai police swiftly ordered the demolition of an unauthorised concrete platform that appeared on the pristine White Sand Beach on Koh Chang after residents filed complaints. The discovery of the construction, which encroached into the sea in front of Koh Chang Grand View Hotel, led to a multi-agency investigation, revealing the absence of a permit for such a structure.

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